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7 Ways to Cope With Emotional Triggers at Work

Being a medical professional means that you are more than likely to experience at least one traumatic experience during your career. As a nurse, your chances of developing PTSD from a traumatic event on the job are higher than other medical professions. With the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses are experie...
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4 P’s of Personal Resiliency

Now more than ever, building personal resiliency could be paramount to feeling grounded at home, in your nursing career, or other areas of your life. We’ve all been put through the wringer this year, but by focusing on personal resiliency, we may be able to come out the other side stronger tha...
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Becoming a Resilient Nurse

When was the last time you had a bad day at work? Could it have been prevented, or was it out of your control? Every job comes with unique stressors and difficulties, which is especially true for nurses. Nurses have to be on their toes and be ready for whatever the day throws at them. […]...
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Find Your Road Map: Hospice, Palliative Care, and Home Health RN

Some road trips involve multiple stops with a new adventure every day while others are a long drive to a well-known destination. If you prefer a specialty where you get to know your patients over a longer period of time and maybe even feel like a part of the family, one of these specialties may [&he...
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