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Alyse M. Labat, MSN, RN, PCCN, C-MHC


So nice to meet you!

Whether someone you trust mentioned Resilient Nursing or you stumbled upon my blog, I’m really glad you are here. This site has a lot of resources that can change your personal and professional life. Here is a bit about me and what we do here so you can find what you are looking for and we start something beautiful together.


Want to know more about me?


My name is Alyse. I may be an entrepreneur, writer, and multi-award winning nurse, but I was raised in the small cowboy town of Bishop, CA. I grew up going to rodeos, small county fairs, and hanging out on my friend’s ranch. Being a cheerleader and basketball player while taking honors courses kept me busy all four years of high school so I am used to juggling a lot of responsibilities and doing them well.


Want to know more about my professional journey?


I have always wanted to help people and I thought, “What better way to help than to heal?” As a nurse I have worked PCU for 8 years with 4 of those in a blended leadership and educator role, a COVID unit at a hospital in need of experienced nurses, and as Clinical Educator for a large hospital system. I have multiple nursing awards including Nurse of the Year for SHARP Healthcare, a San Diego County CARE Award, and GEM Rising Star for the Western Region of the U.S. I have also had the opportunity to participate in international humanitarian trips as Team Leader/Head Nurse to Azores, Brazil, and Haiti.


My exciting journey in Nursing has led me to become a published author. I run the Resilient Nursing blog and YouTube podcast. I co-authored an article “Managing New Nurse Fear and Anxiety” in the professional publication America Nursing Journal. My BIG NEWS is that my book, The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Specialties: Find Your Roadmap, is now available!!! Learn more about your options as a nurse both in and out of the hospital, find the right specialty for you, learn how to transition specialties, and more. Click HERE to Find Your Roadmap!


Over the years, my passion to help people as a nurse expanded to a strong desire to help other nurses. So many nurses are tired, burnt out, and unhappy. What they once had such a passion for has diminished to embers struggling to stay lit.


· Resilient Nursing blog


· Co-Author article in American Nurse Today April 2021 article:  ”Managing New Nurse Fear and Anxiety”


·The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Specialties: Find Your Roadmap

This book opens you up to nursing specialties both within the hospital walls AND beyond the bedside! There are hundreds of possibilities and each one has its own typical pace, population, schedule, requirements, and future opportunities. Find Your Roadmap also includes “The Six Essential Steps to Transition Nursing Specialties”… 
(Learn more HERE!)


I have been there and know what it’s like to:

· Change specialties

· Change states

· Leave a job I loved

· Not be happy with my job

· Feel stuck and want more options

· Have work affect my personal life


However, I learned how to use those obstacles to:

· Take control of my career

· Find satisfaction in what I do

· Regain work-life balance

· Find my options and get unstuck

· Reach new goals

· Grow and become a Resilient Nurse!


What can Resilient Nursing do for you?


As a Clinical Educator, Professional Mentor for Nurses, and Certified Mental Health Coach for First Responders, I have become a leading expert in building nursing resilience. I work with nurses to reach their personal and professional goals. In training individuals and teams, I have helped them create healthy boundaries, manage emotional toll of nursing, improve leadership skills, provide much-needed support, and strengthen resilience. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and group workshops or webinars customized to your needs.


Please explore Resilient Nursing and contact us to start your journey to build resilience and reignite your passion for nursing!