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The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Specialties:
Find Your Roadmap

This book is perfect for those considering nursing as a possible career, experienced nurses looking to change their specialty, and everyone in between. The world of nursing is bigger than you would imagine. Because of that, choosing a specialty or switching to a new one can be intimidating. This book fills an urgent need to not only open nurses up to hundreds of possibilities, but also to walk them through “The Six Essential Steps to Transition Specialties in Nursing.” With insightful knowledge and innovative tools, this book is the most comprehensive resource to help you FIND YOUR ROADMAP.

Other books on the market stretch the truth by including non-nursing jobs in their count of specialties (i.e. yoga instructor) and duplicating sub-specialties in order to inflate their count. This book highlights true specialties and how they are unique from others. Each specialty listed has sub-specialties for body systems, affected organs, level of care, or patient population. If you include all of the possible sub-specialties, their are hundreds of routes for nurses to take!

Hear what REAL nurses say about it:

Dr. Michelle Riingen RN, DNP CNS-BC, PHN
Dean of PLNU School of Nursing

“I wish a book like this was available when I was in high school!”

Dr. Nancy Jo Bush DNP, RN, MA, AOCN, FAAN
Director of the DNP Program at UCLA

“It is important for nurses to know their specialty options in nursing before they leave the profession entirely due to burnout, compassion fatigue, or secondary post-traumatic stress. Kudos to you for filling a gap in the literature available to nurses related to job opportunities.”

Kat Frutchey MSN, RN CMSRN
Oncology Nurse

“This book empowers nurses by opening them up to specialties they never thought possible AND gives them details about each so they can know if it will be a good fit for them.”

Jacqueline Clancy RN, MSN, BSN, MS, AEMD, CLNC
Legal Nurse Consultant

“This book is excellent if you are looking to get into the nursing field or a seasoned veteran looking for your next adventure. You will find fun and artfully crafted chapters such as ‘Alternatives to Driving: Flight Nurse, Transport Nurse, & Cruise Nurse.’ Did you know there is such a career as Medical Script Nurse? Pick up this light read, you won’t regret it. Bon Voyage to your next nursing adventure!”

Sarah K. BSN, RN, CCRN
Aesthetic Nurse

“I was devastated after a knee injury forced me to leave the ICU. I felt lost and thought I would have to leave nursing. This book allowed me to see beyond the ICU and find a specialty that is still technical, but easier on my knee.”

Johnathan L. ER RN
Future Nurse Anesthesiologist

“I’ve been wanting to change specialties for a while but didn’t know how. Alyse’s ‘Six Essential Steps’ helped me take back control over my career and get on the road to my dream specialty.”