• Elizabeth N.
    Alyse is a hard-working, caring, and passionate nurse who has a heart for new graduate nurses. She has experienced many of the intense struggles that nurses encounter on a daily basis. She is using those experiences to help create an open dialogue in the nursing community.
  • Hillary H.
    Alyse has spoken Godly wisdom into my life for years. Her thoughtful insight and feedback has been incredibly valuable in my life.
  • Nurse.com
    Alyse is an outstanding nurse who possesses a strong nursing knowledge base, clinical practice skills, and leadership characteristics. She understands the need for and how to set personal and career goals to achieve success. She has a deep understanding of current issues affecting nurses and ways to address them. Alyse goes above and beyond in her role to effect change and make a difference. (Testimony taken from GEM Rising Star Award)


Resilient Nursing Consultants

As an experienced nurse, educator, and Certified Mental Health Coach for First Responders, I work with nurses to reach their personal and professional goals. In training new grads and consulting with nurses and teams, I have helped them create healthy boundaries, better manage emotional toll of nursing, improve leadership skills, provide much-needed support, clarify priorities, find purpose, re-ignite their passion, and strengthen resilience.

Our Mission

To build RESILIENCE in nurses by fostering personal and professional growth through education, training, and coaching

Our Vision

To transform the profession of nursing by creating a healthy, thriving, and RESILIENT nursing community that will make nursing sustainable for generations to come


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