Managing New Nurse Fear and Anxiety

I had the wonderful opportunity to co-author an article in the April 2021 issue of the American Nurse Today journal!

Managing new nurse fear and anxiety: Simple strategies can help with transitions to practice

What the article is about

There is a noticeable trend of increased levels of anxiety and fear starting with the millennial generation and increasing with Generation Z.

Data from the Nurse Wellbeing at Risk survey indicate that only 19.2% of Generation Z nurses report being able to effectively managing work-related stress and anxiety.


We talk about the root causes of fear and anxiety, how to take charge of your emotions instead of allowing them to control you, and 4 ways to hardwire resilience strategies in new nurses!

“Fear and anxiety are natural human reactions to life’s challenges, but we can break the hold fear has on us and bring impactful changes to our situation by taking charge of our emotions.”

“Nurses who haven’t developed positive coping skills before entering a residency program may find this process even more challenging.”

“If new nurses don’t have hardwired resilience strategies, they can experience significant stress as they navigate challenging situations.”


Read the 3 main takeaways here BUT all the good stuff is in the full journal article linked below.

Main takeaways of the article: 

  • “Many nurses who graduated in 2020 and 2021 (in the midst of the pandemic) found themselves caring for acutely ill patients shortly after they entered practice.”
  • “Workforce evidence collected through the Nurse Wellbeing at Risk survey indicates that the youngest nurses are experiencing more mental health and well-being challenges.”
  • “Including resilience content into new graduate residency programs can help prevent the long-term consequences of untreated stress, anxiety, and depression among these nurses.”

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