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The Impact of the Florida Nurse License Fraud Scheme On The Community’s Trust & Nurses’ Trust In Their Co-Workers

For the last 20 years, nurses have won the coveted top spot in the Gallop survey on most trusted professions in the US. However, the profession of nursing’s reputation as the most trusted profession is in jeopardy. The recent nurse license fraud scheme in Florida has put nurses in the spotlight ag...
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Every Hero Has Kryptonite Part 2: Recovering From the COVID Marathon

Right now, a year into the pandemic, the suppressed tension from the continual trauma of COVID is now showing visible cracks to nurses’ souls; the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of nurses. The letters of support from the community have faded behind the display case. Free sna...
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Every Hero Has Kryptonite: Not Allowing Nurses To Be Human

“Hero” is a strong word. It has a weight to it. When someone is labeled a hero, they are placed on a pedestal and seen as being above struggle. I think of comic book heroes like Superman who has superhuman strength, speed, and the ability to fly. I think of soldiers who choose to go […]...
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