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Nursing is not an easy job. Nurses high-quality care to complex patients. If that does not make our job hard enough, we get yelled at, punched, kicked, and spit on by the confused and the just plain rude. We also take fire from family members that are aggressive, overbearing, and manipulative. Navig...
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Knowing When It’s Time for a Change

Throughout life we are constantly growing and adapting to life’s challenges. We set goals and strive for them. Sometimes we reach them and sometimes we fall short. Juggling personal life and work can be a difficult task and nurses, no matter how skilled they are at juggling, are not immune to stru...
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7 Ways to Cope With Emotional Triggers at Work

Being a medical professional means that you are more than likely to experience at least one traumatic experience during your career. As a nurse, your chances of developing PTSD from a traumatic event on the job are higher than other medical professions. With the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses are experie...
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Avoiding Burnout as a Nurse

The nursing field is considered one of the most tiring careers someone can have. According to Nursing License Map, a 2019 report of 2,000 nurses revealed that 41% of them felt burned out. Nursing can come with an abundance of stressors that can take a heavy toll on your health and wellbeing. While t...
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4 P’s of Personal Resiliency

Now more than ever, building personal resiliency could be paramount to feeling grounded at home, in your nursing career, or other areas of your life. We’ve all been put through the wringer this year, but by focusing on personal resiliency, we may be able to come out the other side stronger tha...
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