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Un/Approachable: 3 Effective Ways to Bring Concerns to RN Leaders

Every nursing unit has a nurse manager. Managers handle the administrative aspect of running a hospital unit and are privy to significantly more of the healthcare structure limitations than staff nurses. Leadership styles vary throughout management. Some are not conducive to a healthy nurse-manageme...
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New Nurse Strategies: Who Will Help And Who Is Your Frenemy

Being a new grad nurse there is so much to figure out. During orientation, the preceptor helps guide new nurses through situations and teaches policies and procedures, but there is still much to learn once you are on your own. Not every nurse has the same work ethic, adherence to policies, or patien...
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Biggest Red Flag In A New Nurse: 3 Steps To Address It

A Lone Wolf is the biggest red flag for a dangerous new grad nurse because they NEVER ASK QUESTIONS! They push through orientation figuring stuff out as they go and sometimes make stuff up. Some feel the need to prove themselves as a nurse and some may not be used to relying on others. Regardless [&...
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Find Your Roadmap:6 Essential Steps to Change Nursing Specialties

One of the great things about nursing is that there are so many roads to take throughout your career. Many nurses change specialties several times before they retire. However, many don’t change when they want to because they don’t have directions. Starting something new is daunting and not somet...
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The Ultimate Guide to Calling Doctors (Especially at Night)

My sweaty palm gripped the phone to my ear. Ring… Ring… I knew he must be in a deep sleep, which made me queasy. “Hello?” said a gruff voice on the other end. “Uh, Hello? Yes. Dr. Brown, this is Sarah on 3-East. Sorry to bother you. I’m calling you about Ms. Thompson. Her blood […...
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