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Part 1: OVERWHELMED or Feel STUCK? 3 Ways Nurses Can Get UNSTUCK

What do you think of when you hear the word “stuck”? Immovable? Unchangeable? Trapped? Nobody wants to feel stuck, but how many of us find ourselves there anyway in our personal or professional lives? “There are so many opportunities in nursing. How could a nurse ever feel stuck?” Why Are So...
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Part 2: OVERWHELMED or Feel STUCK? Extenuating Circumstances

For some, getting unstuck might be more challenging than others. Extenuating Circumstances The three main categories of extenuating circumstances are: Finances: You may be the breadwinner for your family and cutting hours is not an option. Spouse/Significant Other: You may need to consider the poten...
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5 Interview Secrets to Outshine the Competition as a New Grad

Interviews are the most stressful part of any job hunt. Even more so when it is your first interview for a new career field. Nursing school puts all new grads one the same level. You may have had an internship on top of clinicals, but most new grads do. Thousands of new nurses graduate every [&helli...
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“Post” COVID Stress Is Here: 5 Ways Nurses Can Combat PCS

Ignoring The Set-Up To be a nurse means you are choosing a career that helps the sick and dying. Because of this, trauma has been normalized in nursing and we’ve adopted a catch phrase: “I’m fine.” My patient died— I’m fine Got punched in the gut by a violent patient— I’m fine Broke ...
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Every Hero Has Kryptonite: Not Allowing Nurses To Be Human

“Hero” is a strong word. It has a weight to it. When someone is labeled a hero, they are placed on a pedestal and seen as being above struggle. I think of comic book heroes like Superman who has superhuman strength, speed, and the ability to fly. I think of soldiers who choose to go […]...
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