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Who We Are

As a Clinical Educator and a Personal Development Coach for Nurses, I work with nurses to reach their personal and professional goals.



Our Mission

To build RESILIENCE in nurses by fostering personal and professional growth through education, training, and coaching

Our Vision

Our Vision

To transform the profession of nursing by creating a healthy, thriving, and RESILIENT nursing community that will make nursing sustainable for generations to come

Welcome To Resilient Nursing!

It takes a special breed of humans to go to work day in and day out as a nurse. Our job is to be with people during the scariest and most difficult days or seasons of their lives. We see people and their families at their worst, both physically and emotionally, and still go back. We get yelled at, punched, and kicked and still go back. We break ribs and shove a tube down their throat in attempts to bring them back from the dead. We hold the hand of the frail, dying patient when their family cannot be present and still we come back. We cry with you when you get bad news and still we come back.


We get handed unsafe patient assignments and work understaffed. Budget “adjustments” affect nursing resources because we have proven time and time again to be deft at MacGyvering solutions and overextending ourselves to make up the deficit. We get bogged down in the sludge of corporate politics and decisions made by businessmen that make our job harder and more dangerous.


Why do we come back? Even in the worst moments of life and continual stripping of resources, we also see the best in people. We see people bounce back when the limits of science say it is impossible. We see nurses who tirelessly persevere in the face of adversity. Every person we help heal, every grieving family member we console, every co-worker we lift up on a rough day; we come back because we know there are few people capable of doing it for one day, let alone everyday.


Our passion is to heal. We push through the daily bombardment of life and death situations, abuse, grief, and trauma because there is always another patient waiting to take the place of the one we lost. Because of our passion, most of the time we neglect ourselves physically and emotionally. We continue to give of ourselves long past our tank is empty or our bladder is bursting. Burnout and turnover amongst nurses across all experience levels is rampant and even though we crank out thousands of new grad nurses every year, it’s not enough to catch up to the loss of those leaving.


How do we fix burnout and turnover?
How do we come back from the stress and difficulties of nursing?
How do we fall in love with our passion again?
How do we change the current state of nursing workplace culture?