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Who We Are

As a Clinical Educator and a Career Coach for Nurses, I work with nurses to reach their personal and professional goals.


Our Mission

Help nurses gain work-life balance, conquer burnout, and reignite their passions both in and out of scrubs.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To transform the profession of nursing by creating a healthy, thriving, and RESILIENT nursing community that will make nursing sustainable for generations to come

Welcome To Resilient Nursing!

From experienced Multi-Award-Winning Nurse, Educator, Career Coach, Certified Mental Health Coach for First Responders, Dynamic speaker, Workshops/Webinars, & Author of nursing textbook/ANJ article/blog

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Alyse Labat coaches nurses through:

– Specialty transitions

– Burnout

– Compassion fatigue

– Anxiety

-Workplace stress/trauma

So that they can:

– Be empowered to take control of their career

– Clarify their priorities/purpose/path

– Find work-life balance

– Reignite their passion for nursing

– Build resilience

– Improve career longevity & satisfaction


1-on-1 & Group Coaching

Dynamic speaking engagements & interactive workshops/webinars

–  Tailored to the needs of your healthcare facility or school

– Examples of frequently requested topics include:

  • “Caring for the Caregiver,” “Effective Debriefing & Its Impact on Staff Satisfaction/Teamwork,” “Impacting Workplace Culture,” “Building a Resilient Foundation,” & MORE!

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