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Importance of Resilience Training for Nurses

The second a nursing student receives their license, they are awarded the heavy responsibility of a nurse. It is a challenging accomplishment, but one that does not prepare them for the full weight of that responsibility.  They have a basic knowledge of a complicated world with life and death circu...
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Every Hero Has Kryptonite Part 2: Recovering From the COVID Marathon

Right now, a year into the pandemic, the suppressed tension from the continual trauma of COVID is now showing visible cracks to nurses’ souls; the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of nurses. The letters of support from the community have faded behind the display case. Free sna...
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Nursing is not an easy job. Nurses high-quality care to complex patients. If that does not make our job hard enough, we get yelled at, punched, kicked, and spit on by the confused and the just plain rude. We also take fire from family members that are aggressive, overbearing, and manipulative. Navig...
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Knowing When It’s Time for a Change

Throughout life we are constantly growing and adapting to life’s challenges. We set goals and strive for them. Sometimes we reach them and sometimes we fall short. Juggling personal life and work can be a difficult task and nurses, no matter how skilled they are at juggling, are not immune to stru...
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Dealing With Death

Throughout nursing school we learn how they can die from various illnesses, but I only had one lecture on hospice that talked about death and grief. We deal so much in death so it is strange nursing school doesn’t spend more time on how to understand our role with dying patients and how to cope [&...
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